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Gayeong Lee

Advocacy Chair

There are a number of key issues that ASDA has taken a stance on:

Licensure Reform

The current system of licensure exams with the use of a live patient is controversial and flawed. 

Barriers to Care

Barriers to care include anything that limits or prevents people from receiving adequate health care, like financial hardship or geographic distance. 


Dental Student Debt

ASDA considers the growing student debt crisis a top priority and advocates for financially sustainable, long-term solutions.

Midlevel Providers

Midlevel providers have not completed a four-year course of post-collegiate education, yet may be allowed to perform irreversible procedures on the public. ASDA does not believe midlevel providers are the solution to addressing barriers to care.

Water Fluoridation

ASDA encourages the fluoridation of community water supplies as a scientifically-proven safe and effective means of preventing dental decay.


ASDA stands behind the scientific studies that show dental amalgam as a safe, affordable and durable material that is used to restore teeth. 

Dentistry and Health Care

Repealing the Affordable Care Act is a priority for President Trump and Republican members of the 115th Congress. ASDA is working to ensure oral health care provisions are included in replace & repeal efforts.