ASDA’s District 2 Outreach Committee coordinates activities and initiatives that connect members to our local community through service, mentorship, health education, and more. In the past, Outreach has organized nature cleanup projects, oral health education programs, and, more recently, a social media campaign encouraging members to give back during the pandemic through various initiatives. You can check out our blog post about that here!

  •  Abeer ElTemtamy

    Outreach Chair

    Columbia 22'

  •       Nick Arroyo

    Outreach Associate

    Columbia 23'

  •        Elena Votto

    Outreach Associate

    Rutgers 21'

  • Nicole Walawander

    Outreach Associate

    Buffalo 24'

Interested in mentoring a pre-dental student? Check out our recent collaboration with Students of Dentistry and sign up here!

Contact: Abeer ElTemamy ae2639@cumc.columbia.edu

Thank You!

Last Updated: November 2020

By: Scott Jackson, Website & Blog Chair '20-'21