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Balance in Health and Academics

You can’t have it all. That is a saying that holds so true even beyond dental school. Life is all about balance. Having a key understanding of priorities and what is important in the moment is crucial! Over the years – I have gained a new appreciation for the importance of balancing a healthy life style in the midst of challenging academic years!

Look good feel good – I would always say this going into organic chemistry exams in undergrad (still tbd if it worked!!). If you feel good, and internally energized, I feel like it pushes you with more energy to perform at the best level. If you are trying to study for a huge anatomy exam on an empty stomach – your brain won’t be able to handle it – literally! It is so important to make sure you drink a bunch of water and eat super healthy to ensure you can perform to the best of your ability!

How can I manage maintaining a healthy life style and dental school though? A consistent fear I always had as well! The answer lies in effective and realistic planning! Setting goals every day – including scheduled times for meal prep and working out, really is what helps me stay on track! Small life hack – use Sundays for meal prep’s! It will ensure you are eating healthy in the midst of a crazy week!

ASDA is all about wellness and growth – we want to see our students excel in dental school but also their personal lives! So please please take these tips and aim to have a healthy in fun time in dental school! ☺


This post was contributed by Karishma Mitter, Programing Chair at ASDA District 2 and student at Buffalo College of Dentistry ('23).

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