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Easy Nutritious Recipes Part 1

When it gets busy during our school semester, we often forget to eat our meals as we get drowned in assignments in sim lab or prepping all-nighters for exams. However, as aspiring dentists, we cannot forget to stay healthy by eating nutritious filling meals to fuel our energetic minds. I believe that a healthy breakfast is a very important meal to start of the day!

Personally, I have grown to value my time in the kitchen prepping my meals as a break from the strenuous dental path that we have all chosen. The following is one of the healthy recipes that I have used that helped me get through my first year of dental school!


Overnight Oats


  • 1 cup Rolled Oats (or Quaker Quick Oats)

  • 1 cup of preferred milk (I prefer unsweetened almond milk, so I can add my preferred sweetener)

  • 2 spoonfuls of Chia Seeds

  • Honey

The best thing about this quick easy recipe for breakfast or for a snack is how versatile it is when it comes to toppings.

  • Fresh Berries or any seasonal fruits with Walnuts

  • Banana with Almond Butter and dark chocolate chips or Nutella

  • Baked Honeycrisp Apples and Cinnamon

  • Matcha with cacao nibs

Image by Lee Funke via FitFoodieFinds


  1. To a mason jar or small microwavable-safe container, Add the oats, milk, and chia seeds together.

  2. Mix with a spoon to combine all ingredients thoroughly.

  3. Keep in the refrigerator overnight.

  4. Add preferred toppings on top to enjoy. Mix and match and have fun experimenting with different flavors.

  5. Prepare several with different flavors for each day of the week to enjoy a diverse range of flavors!


This post was contributed by Daniel Won, Professional Development Committee at ASDA District 2 and student at Stony Brook ('24). Instagram: @danieljwon

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