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Wellness: Easy at Home Workouts and Stretches for Dental Students

As dental students, it is important to care for our bodies. Our job involves a lot of physical activity, and it is imperative to take care of our joints and muscles as early as possible. For instance, the way we are sitting with our patients in our chair, even with loupes, involves a lot of strain, primarily on our neck and upper back. As I have felt this tightness more in my body, and during the pandemic, I have resorted to many YouTube videos to help with my flexibility and tension release. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. 15 min. Full Body Stretch | Daily Routine for Flexibility, Mobility, and Relaxation 🡪

    1. I like this video because it targets the entire body and focuses first on the neck. This video also has a timer, so you can fully relax with your eyes closed and follow with the right flow. This routine eases you into more difficult positions and after doing it for a few days in a row, I feel less tension in my neck, hips, and back.

  2. A full week of workouts 🡪

    1. I love Whitney Simmons because of her positive energy. Her videos range from beginner to advanced. I also like that she breaks down each move and emphasizes the importance of focusing on slow and controlled movements. She also posts short circuits on her Instagram – perfect for busy dental students who are short on time!

  3. 10 min tone-up challenge // Quick + Effective Home Workout Challenge 🡪

    1. This channel focuses on the mind and body connection. A lot of her workouts are Pilates focused and this helps you get toned in a short amount of time! Pilates is for everyone, and it is challenging, but the rewards are very apparent, even within a week!

  4. 10 min Morning Yoga Full Body Stretch 🡪

    1. Yoga has been helping me a lot during my time at dental school. In fact, yoga builds strength, improves balance, and helps manage stress!

As we get back to being busy bodies again, make sure to take care of your mind and body first! Only by taking care of your own health can we then improve the health of others. Give these a try and let me know if you have any other recommendations!


This post was contributed by Yunah Caroline Chun, Advocacy Associate at ASDA District 2 and student at NYU College of Dentistry ('22). Instagram: @carolinechun

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