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Why I Chose NYU

“Why NYU?”. A question I’ve been asked hundreds of times since my predental years. In short, I chose NYUCD for the diversity, incredible clinical experience, and the fairytale-like city. But it was so much more than that. Once I stepped foot onto NYUCD for my interview, I was immediately approached by the welcoming faces of the security guards, admissions secretary, and later my interviewers. Fast forward to orientation – I met so many excited students, faculty, and alumni, and I was confident that I made the right decision choosing NYUCD. Despite the insanely large class sizes, there is a strong familial environment at the College. I feel as though I have encountered almost everyone in my class as well as the class above me. Clubs like ASDA made it easy to interact with upperclassman who later served as mentors to me as well as underclassmen who I have mentored.

Aside from the amazing opportunities I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing at NYUCD, the city itself provides so much to do and see. Living in a city with endless opportunities forced me to manage my time more efficiently. With the hectic lifestyle of being a dental student, there was only so little time to explore what NYC has to offer. This made it crucial for me to get as much studying done as possible to leave enough time to take advantage of the city. Having a work-life balance has done wonders for my stress levels and productivity. With the combination of an excellent professional experience as well as having NYC at my fingertips, I know that NYUCD was the right choice for me!


This post was contributed by Rebecca Maawad, Membership Chair at ASDA District 2, NYUCD ASDA Co-President, and student at NYU ('23).

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