ASDA’s monthly Wellness Challenges ask you to change your behavior in a way that will positively affect your wellness. Each challenge varies in length and activity, but the goal is the same: to get you paying more attention to your well-being and developing good wellness habits. Each challenge will target one (or more) of ASDA’s five dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational and environmental.

Each month, we’ll preview a new challenge in Word of Mouth. You can sign on to the challenge on ASDA’s Facebook page and play along with your fellow students. Choose your own start date, and then let us know if you successfully completed that month’s challenge.


A Welcome from our Wellness Chairs 

Adrianna Conradson

During my month long siesta this June, I was able to look back a lot on D1 year (a much needed month of vacation). I remember applying to Dental School my senior year of college, and mostly kept my top picks on the West Coast. My decision to apply to NYU was ‘just for fun’ I told myself; I didn’t even think I would get in! However, I did get into NYU and when it came time to decide where to go, I enthusiastically accepted. It wasn’t easy to leave my family and come to a new city but I quickly grew to love this vibrant new home. Hobbies. That is what got me through my first year. We all know school will be a lot of work but you can never really imagine how much it actually is. Although I felt stressed, taking the time to focus on myself when I had time really helped. I kept up with my passions: attending a dance class, cooking a meal to share with friends, ran on the river with my dog, and explored new restaurants in the city. My best advice to first years is to allow yourself to sprinkle some fun into this new busy life, but not too much fun! School is always number one. Pursue your hobbies and aim to make the best of friends in Dental school.



Kristina Petrich

August 2016 to August 2019 has been a roller coaster to say the least. As I’m entering my fourth year (seriously pinch me, I can’t believe I made it) I can honestly say dental school has been the most challenging thing I have and will ever come across. There have been many, many tears in my last three years. Some have been happy, some sad, some stressful, some due to heartbreak and loss and others from failure and disappointment but in my opinion they have been all worth it. My advice, as a D4 is learn not to sweat the small stuff. (Dental school gives you the thickest of skins.) And more importantly, remember who is in your support system because they are always a phone call away and they love you! My last bit of advice is to do things that make you happy. Wether it’s a cheat meal, binging Netflix or finding your perfect workout, make time for you! I promise the good days outshine the bad every time. Trust me. I know graduation may seem like light years away but it goes by in a flash! You got this #BeWellASDA

Wellness encompasses every dental student in every district. If dental school were easy, everyone would do it, right? We endure an incredibly stressful four years that put us on a rollercoaster of emotions that affect us in several aspects.


ASDA Wellness is here to pinpoint those aspects, or “pillars”, make us aware of them and hopefully help us on a better path in getting that degree by remembering to take care of ourselves and our surrounding environment!

What does wellness have to do with our ASDA District?

The Challenges ask you to change your behavior in a way that will positively affect your wellness. Each challenge varies in length and activity, but the goal is always pay more attention to your well-being, developing good wellness habits, and staying mindful.


Each challenge will target one (or more) or ASDA;s five dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, and environmental.


Each month, we'll preview a new challenge in Word of Mouth. You can sign on to the challenge on ASDA's Facebook Page and see the journeys of your fellow students. Choose your own start date, and then let us know if you successfully completed that month's challenge!

How can the ASDA monthly Wellness Challenges impact my life?

This year we want to make sure we explore ALL five dimensions of wellness through chapter and district events.


We also want to dig deeper into wellness by promoting awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health issues.


We hope to help students persevere through the stresses of life and dental school by providing resources to improve overall health and wellness.

What are our goals this year as ASDA District 2 to incorporate wellness?


Emotional ~ Physical

EMOTIONAL wellness is...

knowing when you need help and knowing it’s OK to ask for it too. Take time for yourself in between your hectic schedule because you deserve it. Strive to have the ability to be in touch with your emotions by truly allowing yourself to feel them, and learning ways to cope with them. If you feel like you’re struggling emotionally, reach out to someone! 

INTELLECTUAL wellness is...

I for one (Co-Chair KP) feel like I know more than I ever thought I would possible, yet I still find that my brain struggles to function in non-dental related tasks and activities. Read the newspaper, keep up on current events, read a book, or learn a new word every day!

PHYSICAL wellness is...

being active during school and exercising because you’re not only helping future dentist you, but also relieving a ton of stress by releasing endorphins that make you feel good! Our jobs as future dentist involve a very sedentary lifestyle that is also very physical.

It is about taking care of your body to promote optimal physical health. We should not only increase good behaviors, such as exercising and healthy eating, but also be mindful of reducing negative behaviors, like staying up too late!

ENVIRONMENTAL wellness is...

taking time to do your part in conservation and recycling goes a long way because we are in a professional field that produces a lot of waste 

Intellectual ~ Occupational ~ Environmental

OCCUPATIONAL wellness is...

remembering to keep a work-life balance. Just because you’re a dental student does not mean you don’t have time in your life for all the things and people you love. 


​Always seek help, if you need it! Each school has a support system whether you’re aware of it or not. You are not alone in this process. There is absolutely NO SHAME in asking for help because everyone does and the resources are there if and when you need it.

Information about the support resources available at your school can be found by clicking 

here on ASDA's website.

Thank You!

Last Updated: May 2020

By: Scott Jackson, Website & Blog Chair '20-'21