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Amanda Segel

Wellness Chair

What does wellness have to do with our ASDA District?

Wellness encompasses every dental student in every district. If dental school were easy, everyone would do it, right? We endure an incredibly stressful four years that put us on a rollercoaster of emotions that affect us in several aspects.


ASDA Wellness is here to pinpoint those aspects, or “pillars”, make us aware of them and hopefully help us on a better path in getting that degree by remembering to take care of ourselves and our surrounding environment!

What are our goals this year as ASDA District 2 to incorporate wellness?

This year we want to explore ALL five dimensions of wellness through chapter and district events.

We also want to dig deeper into wellness by promoting awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health issues.

We hope to help students persevere through the stresses of life and dental school by providing resources to improve overall health and wellness.


Emotional wellness is... knowing when you need help and knowing it’s OK to ask for it too. Take time for yourself in between your hectic schedule because you deserve it. Strive to have the ability to be in touch with your emotions by truly allowing yourself to feel them, and learning ways to cope with them. If you feel like you’re struggling emotionally, reach out to someone! 


Physical wellness is... being active during school and exercising because you’re not only helping future dentist you, but also relieving a ton of stress by releasing endorphins that make you feel good! Our jobs as future dentist involve a very sedentary lifestyle that is also very physical. It is about taking care of your body to promote optimal physical health. We should not only increase good behaviors, such as exercising and healthy eating, but also be mindful of reducing negative behaviors, like staying up too late!


Intellectual wellness is... I for one feel like I know more than I ever thought I would possible, yet I still find that my brain struggles to function in non-dental related tasks and activities. Read the newspaper, keep up on current events, read a book, or learn a new word every day!


Occupational wellness is...remembering to keep a work-life balance. Just because you’re a dental student does not mean you don’t have time in your life for all the things and people you love. 


Environmental wellness is... taking time to do your part in conservation and recycling goes a long way because we are in a professional field that produces a lot of waste


Always seek help if you need it! Each school has a support system whether you’re aware of it or not. You are not alone in this process. There is absolutely NO SHAME in asking for help because everyone does and the resources are there if and when you need it.​